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Digital experience creators since 2005, we are at the service of our customers. We accompany/support innovative SMEs (PME), startups as well as sizable international companies if not governments. Our projects had been praised and awarded in Africa, Europe and North America. Where lies our secret you might ask… It’s our full devotion to our craft, we put in massive efforts to create tangibly eminent digital strategies. So, what’s all this about digital & projects?/ So, what’s our digital project ?

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#Our service lines

Constantly, with a passionate and strong team spirit, Sync. assists and helps its clients achieve their goals, improve their processes, and attract new customers, to innovate quickly and to communicate effectively thanks to digital. We work for the success of our customers at four service lines:


Research, Analysis, Benchmark, Vision



Inspiration, Creativity, User Experience, Storytelling


Clean Code, CMS, SEO friendly, Mobile, Efficient Deployment 


Analysis, performance reports and continuous improvement

#Our 10 digital services

We create, develop and deploy exemplary digital strategies. Our 360 approach revolves around the mastery of 10 services comprising the main elements of any digital strategy.

Site Web - Mobile web

Your website is an essential part of digital marketing. If designed properly, all your marketing efforts will be more effective. It is crucial to build a website strategy that align with your company’s vision or goals. Everything is done in order to achieve a specific goal, which makes communication of values effortless and straightforward. In the digital landscape today, it is essential to offer your target a quality web platform that sets you apart from your competitors.

Advice and digital accompaniment

As part of our digital mission, many of our customers want us to intervene/take on a more comprehensively supportive approach, upstream or downstream of the project. We started offering thus a range of digital consulting services focused on "quick wins" and operational outcomes:

  • Analysis of the existing: Benchmark of the sector and good practices; Strategic recommendations

  • Definition of objectives: Identification of needs; Choice of tools according to objectives

  • Choice of tools: Accompaniment in the choice of tools and definition of technical needs

  • Project management: Supervision of the project in close collaboration with the client


The most effective form of word of mouth is roughly online now and with social media, consumers and citizens are using these channels to voice their opinions, learn about new products, and interact with brands or key organizations and influencers. As a business or governmental organization, being active on these channels and using social listening tools is crucial to becoming aware of consumers needs in order to directly meet them, and also for consumers to monitor your brand situation.


By leveraging on videos in your digital marketing strategy, you can create compelling content that consumers can easily view and share. According to recent research, "64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video" (VideoBrewery). Therefore, every business should take advantage of this video marketing trend and create original video campaigns that communicate the company's values, product features and lucrative benefits to the consumer.

Brand content

Today's consumers are able to look for high-quality digital resources and experiences that lead to better, independent decision-making. Without good content, there is no reason in why a person would visit an organization's website, read their tweets, open their e-mails or take interest in what they may say. More importantly, there would be no reason in interacting with or establishing a relationship with an organization. Your business can draw the attention of potential targets who want to know more, but unless your website provides the right content, clients would lose interest quickly.

Email & SMS

A strong digital marketing strategy requires a strong email / sms strategy. Email marketing or sms is one of the most effective ways to communicate  your product or service to the general public.

For a successful email / sms marketing strategy, you must:

  • Drive traffic to specific points

  • Educate and update potential buyers on new content

  • Stay ahead

  • Build credibility

  • Establish a thought leadership

Webinars and live streaming

Integrating webinars and live streaming into your digital marketing strategy is key to positioning your business as an industry leader. In the ever-changing marketplace, it is critical to continually educate consumers and individuals in the industry to build trust, increase web traffic, brand awareness, and generate leads. Web seminars can also be reused for multiple campaigns.

Search: SEO/SEM

It all starts with a search on a search-engine. An essential part of your digital marketing strategy, whether you're a business, an NGO or a government organization, is to search for keywords and phrases that individuals would use to find you. If your business does not appear in search results, you should invest in SEO measures and online advertising to start increasing your exposure. These keywords are the gateway to reaching your potential targets around the world.

Audit digital

A website needs a "regular" diagnosis in order to maintain its effectiveness! The proposed audits are usually partial or complete diagnoses of your existing internet tool. The intensity of the audit may vary depending on your final needs, stakes level of the economic field and the size of your existing tool: site showcase, information site or blog, online store, bank site or government. Audits can also be "preventive" and be done before the creation of a site to "measure" the difficulty, the contours and actors already in place for the future sector of activity. Finally, an internet audit can also be used to determine the means that your competitors use to "dominate" the sector that you also covet: additionally we can offer you a strategy of conquest "offensive enough" acquainting you with the means to implement to outpace/conquer your targets!


One of the most valuable elements of having a digital marketing strategy is the fact that you can continuously monitor results and be able to optimize your strategy at each iteration of the campaign. There are several analytics tools that will help you track the progress of your marketing efforts so you can analyze and adapt over time. This availability of data is the key to maximizing your return on investment.

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